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musings of a candle snob | intro

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My name is Nicole & I’m the good vibes-loving, unapologetically optimistic candle snob behind the Florida-based lifestyle brand, Tribal Candle Co. My brand launched in 2019 after years of moonlighting as an insurance adjuster (okay, so maybe sunlighting since it was my full-time job, but you follow me, right?). I wanted to live a well-balanced life, travel, and spend more time with my daughters before they entered adulthood. The two years prior to launching were spent brainstorming ways to work for myself and, after attending a candle sale gone wrong, my candle company was born. 

My roots are in the heartland of Florida, but I’ve lived on all 3 coasts of the Sunshine State (a day trip to the beach is the remedy for just about anything!). Throughout this journey called my life, I’ve seen some amazing places, met some awesome people and have had some pretty dope experiences along the way. I believe it’s never too late to chase your dreams or find a new passion! With this lifestyle blog, I’m hoping to share some inspiration, give you a behind the scenes look into my life as a new entrepreneur (the good, bad, and not so glamorous) and, hopefully, develop a camaraderie of good vibes with you. Welcome and carpe diem!

xoxo, Nicole | the candle snob


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