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We are an artisan candle company that provides all-natural, eco-friendly products free of parabens, toxins, phthalates and gluten. Each candle is created with a luxurious coconut crėme wax (it’s also vegan!) and blended with scents to inspire your own journey to self. Our in-house fragrance blends are sure to enhance your overall well-being while complimenting our collection of products that you can feel good about.

Whether you are looking to wind down after work, de-stress on vacay, or create a special night in, we have a fragrance library curated for the ultimate relaxation. connect, indulge, repeat and welcome to our tribe!


The Maker

Hi! I'm Nicole and I am completely and utterly obsessed with candles and all things home fragrance! In 2018, my candle-making journey started. My initial desire was to create a signature scented candle to relax with after a hectic day at work. A candle that was all-natural and burned clean. (Trust me, I had enough going on in my busy life without adding the side effects of inhaling paraffin and other chemicals to the list!)

After my first successful candle, my passion grew. In fact, it grew so much that I was running out of room in my house to store all of my candles in! For the next year, every special occasion, holiday and birthday was celebrated with one of my candles. My friends and family loved them and that freed up space in my house to keep creating!

So, Tribal Candle Company was born. A brand reflective of who I am, where I was going and all the people in my life who had embarked upon this journey with me - my tribe!